Friday, February 8, 2013

A computer or a tablet for online learning?

Tablets and Ipads are not fully supported by our LMS.  It is more than simply the issue of video's They don't support the exam security protocols, or  the text editor bar. They work poorly with reading full sized, multi scroll pages of text, pdf's can be quite challenging, most do not support Internet Explorer or Firefox and realistically do you want to write essays on a tablet or try write a research paper on one?

Every time new hardware architecture comes out the companies who manufacturer and sell it trumpet that they have a better solution and certainly tablets are convenient for many things but functionally they are years away from offering full blown computing functions.  I love my Samsung Galaxy for checking email on the go and they are great for the technically challenged who looking for "computing-lite" but it is no more a full blown computer than the 5 year old netbook that is gathering dust under my desk. That old netbook has more ram and storage than most tablets on the market today. In spite of all the cool apps for tablets there is still no Microsoft office for Android systems.

Here is a link to our hardware requirements-

A tablet can be a great "also using" kind of item but as hardware they still don't replace a MAC, desktop. laptop or PC for all functions.

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