Friday, December 14, 2012

A Career in Holistic Health the reasoned approach

Why I Chose a Career in Holistic Health.  By Jennifer (last name removed for student privacy)

There are many reasons why I am choosing a career in Holistic Health. And I will be happy to tell you about them now!

1.      The biggest reason for my decision is my family! Both blood and not. Family and friends! They mean the world to me and I would and will do anything to help and protect them. That includes natural medicine. The herbs that are used to treat illnesses and condition come from the earth. That means to me, healthy and right!
That being said, my other reason is this:

 2.      What are the pharmaceuticals putting into the OTC and prescription medications? Chemicals, things we cannot even pronounce, genetically engineered chemicals. These chemical have adverse died effects. Some of which you may not even know you have; cancer, ulcers, heart disorders, breathing issues, ticks, convulsions, drowsiness…Warnings on the labels…”Do not use any heavy machinery while using this medication”, “Do not use with other medication”, “Do not take on an empty stomach” and so on…I understand that there are some herbs that you should not mix with other things, but not like the ones the pharmaceuticals “create”. Too many people die or get very sick in other ways when taking the medications via OTC or prescription. Studies have actually shown that people feel and live better lives on natural remedies and better diet than people that pop a Tylenol or prescription pain medication every 4 hours. I have seen and felt this myself. I suffer from Heart murmurs, other heart issues, palpitations, stomach ulcers, and other stomach issues, migraines and others. I used to have about 7 different  pills for this stuff. I took these daily and felt like a zombie for about a year. I lost out on life because of these medications that were supposed to be helping me.  I had had enough, and decided to find something different for me to use. I did some research and now, I take Chamomile on a daily basis for my stomach, and peppermint, CamuCamu and a few others. I feel great! I am alive and well without any kind of unknown chemical in my body.  The only time I do take something else is if I have tried all I can and am continuing to get worse, which, by the way, does not happen often!
I know it works! Which brings me to my next reason….
3.      Helping those around me. Telling people about natural remedies and what they can do for them. Trying to SHOW people what is really in the medications they take and the effects those chemicals are having on their bodies. Giving people a better and healthier approach on life by the way they eat and what they take for ailments. I want people to feel good about being alive and the decisions they make for themselves and their families.
Before I started here at Natural Healing College, I had purchased some books on wild, edible and medicinal plants. I told people what I have learned from those books. I shared that knowledge, knowing what they were going to think and say about it. I was ok with it and still am as it is something I totally believe in. I tell people about some of the plants that I have seen that people feel are just weeds, like the dandelion! Dandelion root is a great as a diuretic and it helps with stomach issues. Not all herbs that are medicinal plants have a lot of case studies, but there are enough that prove them good and useful. They ARE better for people. And I hope to be able to spread the word about them in my area and others. This is very close to my heart and makes up part of who I am!
Thank you for reading and taking the time to get to know me a little bit!

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  1. Great essay Jennifer so proud of you and all the changes you have made to make your and your families life better and healthier :)


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