Sunday, December 21, 2014 - Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! Wishing you a healthy, happy and joyous holiday season and a New Year filled with health, wealth and wellness.

It’s almost time to close the book on 2014, and what an exciting year it has been for Natural Healing College! Thank you for being a part of NHC family. And, always, we would sincerely love to hear what more we can do to make your experiences with us even more enjoyable. 
Wishing you a healthy, happy and joyous holiday season and a New Year filled with health, wealth and wellness.

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P.S. We just wanted to reach out to remind you that 2014 Year End Discounts will expire soon. Contact us soon if you have not taken advantage of these limited time special discount offers.


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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Natural Healing College Announced Year End 2014 Holistic Discount Package for New Holistic Students


Natural Healing College Announced Year End 2014 Holistic Discount Package for New Holistic Students
Stockton, CA - United States – November 1, 2014 - Natural Healing College, an established leader in Holistic Health Job Training Education, pleasantly announced that Natural Healing College have successfully Launch of Year End 2014 Holistic Discount Package for New Holistic Health Students.

According to Natural Healing College Spokesperson Anne Thomas, this package is being offered to qualifying new students for a limited time only. Ms. Thomas also added that the college have done a similar promotion in the past and that was a great success.

The college official was very excited to declare year end $50 enrollment bonus that will continue till the end of the year 2014 for new enrollments.  The spokesperson also reminded that Natural Healing College, an Online Holistic Health, Nutritional and Herbal Healing College, already offers four Board Certified Holistic Healing Diploma Programs and all the education is offered online at

On another note today announced the debut of the Integrative Cancer Educator Certificate Program, a short certificate program.
According to Natural Healing College Spokesperson Anne Thomas, the Integrative Cancer Educator Certificate Program is available to all applicants online at

"Natural Healing College's Integrative Cancer Educator Certificate Program is a more advanced program designed for both continuing education units and advancements of professional knowledge in this highly demanded field" said Thomas, "and the job of a holistic cancer educator and practitioner is often educating your clients in the wide spectrum of available modalities."

Thomas also added, "The goal of this certificate program is to uniquely prepare you to be in demand as an expert this highly specialized field."  Natural Healing College spokesperson also announced that the college is giving away free Cancer Fighting Foods' Book at

Press release by- Name: Anne Thomas

Company's name: Natural Healing College

About us info of company
Natural Healing College was founded in 2010, Natural Healing College has helped many consumers with Job Training Education . The company's mission statement is "Our mission is to advance knowledge and educate to the community about the importance of healthy living to improve the quality of life using Holistic health concepts aimed at balancing body, mind and spirit." To learn more about Natural Healing College, you should call (209) 390-8076 or visit them online at

Natural Healing College is an online distance learning institute that offers quality vocational education in the fields of Holistic Health Science. NHC (Natural Healing College) sets a new standard of excellence in education for the holistic world community. College offers programs in #Holistic #Health and #Alternative #Wellness #consultations while emphasizing the need to look at the #whole person, including analysis of physical, #nutritional, environmental, #emotional, social, and lifestyle. Here is an extensive list of the keywords leading to the college website #natural healing college, #naturalhealingcollege, the natural healing college, the natural healing college master herbalist & holistic health practitioners Degree, natural healing college reviews, naturalhealingcollege, #holistic #healing college, #holistic health practitioner online,  #college of natural healing, #natural healing college accreditation, holistic health practitioner schools online, holistic health practitioner degree online, master herbalist online, holistic health practitioner schools, natural healing college complaints, holistic health practitioner certification online, how to become a master herbalist, holistic healing certification, master herbalist certification online, holistic healing classes, holistic health certification online, holistic classes, natural health practitioner certification, cancer hates cabbage, college of holistic health, holistic healers certification, master herbalist course, natural healing courses, master herbalist degree, natural health education online, how to become a natural healer, holistic health practitioner online schools, herbalist schools online, holistic healthcare practitioner certification.
 College also have an education Youtube Channel

Company Location (address)
446 E Vine Street
Stockton, CA 95202
Telephone: (209) 390-8076

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Alumni spotlight- a leap of faith into a new career

Graduates like David are an honor to deal with and bring honor to our entire field. His letter is used with permission.

To:           Natural Healing College

From:      David E Peck

June 16, 2014

A wise man once said if you have a  good news that can have a positive effect on the life of others, then you have a moral responsibility to share that news with others.  Hence my story.

Many years ago while I was only 12 years old  I came across and read a book called Back to Eden, this started my fascination with herbs and their natural affinity to the human body, their ability to heal, cure illnesses and disease and most importantly promote good health. I came full circle with this lifelong fascination when at the ripe young age of 50 working as Executive Manager at the world famous Tryall Club.  I went online and signed up for your Master Herbalist and Holistic Practitioners Courses. This decision was reached after about a year long investigation of online schools and the questioning of some persons locally who I thought had formal education in the field, it turned they did not.

So the day in question I spent about 3 hours on line going back and forth over various schools some of  whom had already sent me attractive brochures with attractive sign- up prices. But desperately not wanting to invest in a "diploma mill"  I made very expensive phone calls from Jamaica to the facilities NHC being one of the three. After those calls I went online took out my credit card and signed up with Natural Healing College. This for me was a "Golden Decision" even though I still had some skepticism until I received the study material and course outlines and realized that this "Noble Institution" was no "diploma Mill" but rather an institution whose programs require intellectual rigor, discipline and a large serving of perseverance.
Might I add-  as someone who has studied under both the British and American educational systems at the tertiary level I feel adequately qualified to make the previous comments.

Since the completion of my M.H. Program  I am now preparing to do my ND at another institution but I feel compelled to complete the HHP program with NHC as in my mind there is no better / solid foundation for a genuine ND program.
Since my completion of the program I have doing counseling sessions with a number of persons of both sexes with a multiplicity of major challenges including Hypertension, Diabetes, Fibroid and Prostate problems..Thanks to the high level preparation from NHC I am able to make suggestions on the necessary dietary and life style changes, along with suggestions on how one might effectively use self help homeopathic herbal preparations for a positive outcome.

Now major health food stores refer clients who have more questions than they can answer to me. I have since resigned from the Hotel Industry after nearly 25 years and have started my own company that offers specialist Hotel Security and Safety Services to Hotels in Jamaica and also " you guessed it"  full time Holistic Herbal Counseling at the most affordable rate available locally because I also learned from N.H.C, by the way they try to facilitate students with manageable payment plans,  so that  students who are financially challenged should not be summarily denied the opportunity to gain knowledge. I take the NHC approach that a person’s income level should not deprive them of the KNOWLEDGE I am now blessed to possess Thanks to my latest Alma Mata  "Natural Healing College' and its’ amazing staff who found time to return even my long distance phone calls when I had need for their assistance.    

 You are truly changing lives in communities, villages, countries, and the world one properly trained Holistic Ambassador / Graduate at a time.

This is moderated blog. Guest posting is allowed. We encourage your questions.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Student Spotlight- Elizabeth Phan

My experience with Natural Healing College, the staff and the curriculum has been remarkable. I have had to call several times for various reasons, and each time the staff has been courteous, and helpful.  I've gotten my questions answered, and the help I needed every time.

The curriculum is thorough and challenging.  

I am currently a Massage Practitioner.  I am expanding my practice so this is important to me!   
I've learned much from each course at NHC.  I really like that because natural healing has been a life-long love of mine. Now I get to see it in action daily thanks to Natural Healing College.

Elizabeth Phan
Perfect Touch- Sacramento, CA

Of course she is to modest to mention she is listed as one of the top Rated Deep Tissue Massage Therapists in Sacramento, CA We are proud to serve both Elizabeth and our entire student body.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Student Spotlight

Many of our students are already working in either the traditional health fields or the wellness fields and come to us to learn new or updated skills. While we protect our students privacy as a policy we also want to help promote our students with existing businesses so I am starting a student spotlight for those students interested in letting us help their promotional efforts.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Natural Healing College- making each graduate an expert

A big goal for us is to teach students what is proven by medically accepted science, what is known anecdotally, and how to legally express both of those truths with clients. A consultant’s strongest marketing tool is to have broad knowledge of holistic wellness as an industry. Consultant’s have to really become someone who has the answers to almost anything a client might ask. Then we seek to develop a deeper knowledge of the areas which are part of each chosen diploma.

It seems unrealistic to cover all we as a full staff know about marketing in these diplomas but the tools for marketing are being developed in every class curriculum. 

We focus on writing conversations in every class with the essays students write. In almost every case the essays that students write are supposed to be role playing with a client to answer a question. Each of the question options are based on a textbook section. By directing the essays as role play assignments we are able to create a large element of dealing with clients in classes for students. I have seen people do the essays as if talking to a spouse but it is stronger to talk to an imaginary client. 

We did not randomly choose dialog based essays. Pay attention to an infomercial and what do you see? Common questions being answered by the expert! 

Consultants have to really become an expert. Clients ask the darnedest things but if students write these essays well they will have the framework of something thought out to say on hundreds of talking points which consultants encounter, a link where the information came from originally and finally the written basis to do a killer number of brochures or webcasts on specific topics.

The final class project for every diploma covers
  1. writing a marketing plan,
  2. developing strategies,
  3. legalities specific to each students state to avoid the practice of medicine in favor of the practice of wellness
  4. working on intake and disclosure forms for a consultation practice,
  5. writing a business/practice philosophy,
  6. several specific role play scenarios
  7. several 'first consultation case studies'

There is quite a bit more in the final projects specific to each diploma but it should be clear that we offer both depth and breadth in all 4 diplomas be it Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Herbalist, Ayurvedic Practitioner or Nutritional Consultant. 

No matter what your wellness or professional goals are nothing replaces well founded knowledge!

Enroll and start today with one of our low cost, high value certificates. Any classes from a certificate, that are part of a diploma, can be transferred into a full diploma in the future and we will deduct the per credit cost! What is holding you back? Are you ready to take a leap of faith in yourself?