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Alumni spotlight- a leap of faith into a new career

Graduates like David are an honor to deal with and bring honor to our entire field. His letter is used with permission.

To:           Natural Healing College

From:      David E Peck

June 16, 2014

A wise man once said if you have a  good news that can have a positive effect on the life of others, then you have a moral responsibility to share that news with others.  Hence my story.

Many years ago while I was only 12 years old  I came across and read a book called Back to Eden, this started my fascination with herbs and their natural affinity to the human body, their ability to heal, cure illnesses and disease and most importantly promote good health. I came full circle with this lifelong fascination when at the ripe young age of 50 working as Executive Manager at the world famous Tryall Club.  I went online and signed up for your Master Herbalist and Holistic Practitioners Courses. This decision was reached after about a year long investigation of online schools and the questioning of some persons locally who I thought had formal education in the field, it turned they did not.

So the day in question I spent about 3 hours on line going back and forth over various schools some of  whom had already sent me attractive brochures with attractive sign- up prices. But desperately not wanting to invest in a "diploma mill"  I made very expensive phone calls from Jamaica to the facilities NHC being one of the three. After those calls I went online took out my credit card and signed up with Natural Healing College. This for me was a "Golden Decision" even though I still had some skepticism until I received the study material and course outlines and realized that this "Noble Institution" was no "diploma Mill" but rather an institution whose programs require intellectual rigor, discipline and a large serving of perseverance.
Might I add-  as someone who has studied under both the British and American educational systems at the tertiary level I feel adequately qualified to make the previous comments.

Since the completion of my M.H. Program  I am now preparing to do my ND at another institution but I feel compelled to complete the HHP program with NHC as in my mind there is no better / solid foundation for a genuine ND program.
Since my completion of the program I have doing counseling sessions with a number of persons of both sexes with a multiplicity of major challenges including Hypertension, Diabetes, Fibroid and Prostate problems..Thanks to the high level preparation from NHC I am able to make suggestions on the necessary dietary and life style changes, along with suggestions on how one might effectively use self help homeopathic herbal preparations for a positive outcome.

Now major health food stores refer clients who have more questions than they can answer to me. I have since resigned from the Hotel Industry after nearly 25 years and have started my own company that offers specialist Hotel Security and Safety Services to Hotels in Jamaica and also " you guessed it"  full time Holistic Herbal Counseling at the most affordable rate available locally because I also learned from N.H.C, by the way they try to facilitate students with manageable payment plans,  so that  students who are financially challenged should not be summarily denied the opportunity to gain knowledge. I take the NHC approach that a person’s income level should not deprive them of the KNOWLEDGE I am now blessed to possess Thanks to my latest Alma Mata  "Natural Healing College' and its’ amazing staff who found time to return even my long distance phone calls when I had need for their assistance.    

 You are truly changing lives in communities, villages, countries, and the world one properly trained Holistic Ambassador / Graduate at a time.

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