Sunday, July 13, 2014

Student Spotlight- Elizabeth Phan

My experience with Natural Healing College, the staff and the curriculum has been remarkable. I have had to call several times for various reasons, and each time the staff has been courteous, and helpful.  I've gotten my questions answered, and the help I needed every time.

The curriculum is thorough and challenging.  

I am currently a Massage Practitioner.  I am expanding my practice so this is important to me!   
I've learned much from each course at NHC.  I really like that because natural healing has been a life-long love of mine. Now I get to see it in action daily thanks to Natural Healing College.

Elizabeth Phan
Perfect Touch- Sacramento, CA

Of course she is to modest to mention she is listed as one of the top Rated Deep Tissue Massage Therapists in Sacramento, CA We are proud to serve both Elizabeth and our entire student body.

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