Sunday, June 22, 2014

Natural Healing College- making each graduate an expert

A big goal for us is to teach students what is proven by medically accepted science, what is known anecdotally, and how to legally express both of those truths with clients. A consultant’s strongest marketing tool is to have broad knowledge of holistic wellness as an industry. Consultant’s have to really become someone who has the answers to almost anything a client might ask. Then we seek to develop a deeper knowledge of the areas which are part of each chosen diploma.

It seems unrealistic to cover all we as a full staff know about marketing in these diplomas but the tools for marketing are being developed in every class curriculum. 

We focus on writing conversations in every class with the essays students write. In almost every case the essays that students write are supposed to be role playing with a client to answer a question. Each of the question options are based on a textbook section. By directing the essays as role play assignments we are able to create a large element of dealing with clients in classes for students. I have seen people do the essays as if talking to a spouse but it is stronger to talk to an imaginary client. 

We did not randomly choose dialog based essays. Pay attention to an infomercial and what do you see? Common questions being answered by the expert! 

Consultants have to really become an expert. Clients ask the darnedest things but if students write these essays well they will have the framework of something thought out to say on hundreds of talking points which consultants encounter, a link where the information came from originally and finally the written basis to do a killer number of brochures or webcasts on specific topics.

The final class project for every diploma covers
  1. writing a marketing plan,
  2. developing strategies,
  3. legalities specific to each students state to avoid the practice of medicine in favor of the practice of wellness
  4. working on intake and disclosure forms for a consultation practice,
  5. writing a business/practice philosophy,
  6. several specific role play scenarios
  7. several 'first consultation case studies'

There is quite a bit more in the final projects specific to each diploma but it should be clear that we offer both depth and breadth in all 4 diplomas be it Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Herbalist, Ayurvedic Practitioner or Nutritional Consultant. 

No matter what your wellness or professional goals are nothing replaces well founded knowledge!

Enroll and start today with one of our low cost, high value certificates. Any classes from a certificate, that are part of a diploma, can be transferred into a full diploma in the future and we will deduct the per credit cost! What is holding you back? Are you ready to take a leap of faith in yourself?

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  1. So you are saying the business and marketing are worked into the classes?


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