Sunday, November 11, 2012

My First Month at NHC

Lee Anne and her 'prize'
Hello! My name is Lee Anne (last name removed for student privacy reasons) and I am from Pennsylvania, proudly, home of the Steelers! 
In looking back over this first month here at NHC, I am struck by the excellent school that I have chosen to be a part of. I have a degree from Pitt, post-graduate work from Thiel College, and I am an ultrasound tech. I say these things only because I am so impressed with NHC and all that they stand for. I am not a number like I have been at other schools. I know they care here because I have talked with the instructors and the General Manager, and I feel so welcomed. I cannot express to you enough my gratitude to E L and to C L for making me feel special and an important part of the school.
So, now my experiences: well, let’s see. My orientation was a little bit of a struggle as I muddled my way through Moodle, ( the computer program) and until I figured out system and how it works, I was a little frustrated. But when I spoke with my instructor I was pointed in the right direction and I finished without a hitch. I found it to then be a breeze to go through anyway, and the content was right in the book.
On to week two: I started the Anatomy and Physiology class, the intro, and was so nervous at first. I started to read and I thought to myself, “what the heck did you get yourself into?” It wasn’t that the content wasn’t something I was a little familiar with, but there was a lot of it to know…chapters 1, 2, and 3 were only so difficult because I didn’t know anything about cellular biology or biology at all for that matter. It has been a long time since high school for me. But, I must say, I was so excited to start this program that I downloaded the eBook, the” AP book for Dummies”, just so I could get started but the real textbook has different page numbers and more information. The real books actually arrived very quickly. I paid very late on the 11th and the books were delivered on the 15th.  I was a little impatient because I was so excited to get going.
Week three:  I am so thrilled with my progress! I am learning, remembering, and understanding most importantly. When I have gotten stuck, the instructors are there to help. I am on the nervous system at the moment and wow, what a lot of information. I will probably take a lot more time with this section, but you never know. I have to tell you a secret. I read the” The Human Body” book first and THEN go on to the AP for dummies book. It makes so much more sense to really look at it and study the pictures. It makes my learning so much easier.
So, to sum up: I love this school! I even got a t-shirt made because I am so proud of where I go. I believe wholeheartedly in holistic medicine. It has healed me more than a few times from illnesses and has just kept me healthy. Stick with it, you will be fine, and communicate, communicate, and communicate. You will do great!!


  1. You have been a pleasure to deal with Lee Anne! WHile most communication occurs in the online learning system, when a student asks for help in thier first couple of weeks we try to do a followup call to help them stay motivated and on track! You and all of our students are special to us.


  2. This is GREAT!! This is how I felt and I am sure other students as well!! The way you read your books is the way I read mine!! I think it does work better that way!! This was a great read! Thank you for sharing and congratulations!

  3. Thank you Jennifer and EL! I love it here, obviously, but seriously. It is a challenge but easy to read and easy to communicate with the teachers and staff. I wish you the best and if you need anything, look me up by first name. Take care!

  4. Hi Lee Anne, I realize your blog is almost 16 months old but I found it to be most interesting and genuine!
    May I ask .... which program are you taking at NHC and how are things going now compared to the beginning?
    Thanks :),

    1. Hi Sue!! I'm in the Nutritional Consultant program and love it! Unfortunately life got in the mom just passed away after several strokes. She ended up having a cerebral bleed and hung on for over a week, so my life has kinda been on hold since having to take care of her. But, I am more than half way through and love how the courses are set up and how easy it is to take the assignments and write the essays. This school has afforded me the opportunity to do it at my pace, which has been convenient considering I have kids and an 85 year old step-father to take care of, and of course my mom. My parents were my inspiration for going to school for nutrition and I will be getting back to the school very shortly, after all affairs are taken care of. I HIGHLY recommend this school to anyone who loves to learn and who can put time into their studies. It takes dedication and perseverance and a love of learning, things that I have. I wish you well and hope you are enrolled in something you love or if you are considering schooling, DO IT!! It has been the best school I have attended. Any other questions, feel free to post them here and I will check back. Thanks!! So sorry about the delay in answering. I just saw this is from March.....Thanks!!


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